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5 Creative Halloween Decor Ideas Using Upcycled Thrift Finds

Halloween is a time for spooky fun and creativity, but it doesn't have to be a holiday that puts a strain on your wallet or the environment. If you're looking to celebrate Halloween in a sustainable and creative way, consider upcycling thrift store finds into unique and eerie decorations.

Old Picture Frames

Turn old picture frames into haunting decorations that will send shivers down the spines of your guests. Visit your local thrift store or garage sales to find old, ornate frames with intricate designs. Spray paint them in eerie colors like black, gray, or silver. Print eerie vintage photographs and insert them into ornate picture frames to create a spine-chilling gallery of macabre family portraits on your wall.

Upcycled Candlestick Holders

Search for vintage candlestick holders at thrift stores and give them a ghoulish makeover. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes to add some diversity to your decor. Paint them in dark, matte colors like black or deep purple. Once they're dry, attach battery-operated LED candles for a spooky, flickering effect. These eerie candlestick holders can be placed on tables, mantels, or even outdoors to create an eerie ambiance.

Witch's Potion Bottles

Transform old glass bottles into witch's potion bottles for a spooky laboratory look. Thrift stores often have a wide variety of glass bottles in different shapes and sizes. Clean and remove labels from the bottles, and then fill them with colored water, marbles, or various concoctions. Label them with creepy names like "Eye of Newt," "Bat Wings," or "Zombie Serum." These DIY potion bottles make for a bewitching display on your Halloween table or shelves.

Vintage Halloween Banner

Create a vintage-inspired Halloween banner by upcycling old book pages, newspapers, or sheet music. Scour thrift stores for these materials and then cut them into flag shapes. Use black ink or paint to write spooky Halloween phrases or images, such as witches, ghosts, or bats. Attach the flags to a piece of twine or jute string, and you've got yourself a charming, upcycled Halloween banner that will set the mood for your gathering.

Creepy Crawly Terrariums

Terrariums are all the rage, and they can be easily repurposed for Halloween. Hunt for glass containers at thrift stores, such as fishbowls, glass jars, or vases. Fill them with faux spider webs, plastic spiders, and miniature skeletons. You can also add battery-operated fairy lights for an eerie glow. These creepy crawly terrariums are perfect as centerpieces for your Halloween dinner table or to scatter around your home.

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with upcycled thrift store finds. By transforming forgotten items into spooky decor, you not only reduce waste but also create unique decorations that will impress your guests.

So, this Halloween, consider giving these five creative ideas a try and let your DIY spirit shine while celebrating in an eco-friendly and budget-conscious way. Your upcycled Halloween decor will be both hauntingly beautiful and environmentally responsible. Happy Haunting!

Watch Videos on Me Trying to Upcycle My Thrift Finds Into Halloween Decor

Making ghosts out of cheese cloth.

My version of the witch's potion bottles.

Fairly lights from Temu with my ghost cheese cloth craft.

Using a mannequin, a paper mache head, and an old vintage dress to create whatever this is...

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