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Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages This Holiday Season

With the 2022 holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of gifts to get for the children in your life. Here are some ideas that will be sure to please.

Trending Stuffed Animals

Psychotherapist and children’s book author Beth Tyson tells Romper that kids love stuffed animals so much because they offer a sense of safety, predictability, and comfort in an often uncertain and frightening world.

Doing a quick search of recent sold items on eBay, these seem to be the popular types of stuffed animals that are selling:

  • Teddy Bears

  • Polar Bears

  • Koala Bears

  • Beanie Baby Bears

  • Panda Bear

  • Unicorns

Masters of the Universe - MOTU

Masters of the Universe: Revelation brought the 80s cartoon back to screens helping to make He-Man the new cool trendy toy!

Fun Fact: Three different versions of the He-Man figure was presented to Mattel—including a soldier and a spaceman—the barbarian.

Popular Sellers in Nov 2022

  • Funko Pop

  • Vintage Stickers & Sheets

  • Hallmark Ornaments

  • VHS Movies

  • Comic Images Plush

Blind Box Figurines

Blind Box means you don't know which specific design from a series you might be receiving.It's kinda like buying trading cards, except you don't get a piece of cardboard, you get a cool toy. Lots of series even feature rare special designs or secret "chase" figures.

So what are the popular series kids are looking for in 2022?

  • Star Wars

  • Minecraft


  • Unicorno Holiday Series

  • Pucky Sweet Babies

  • Pucky Sanrio Characters

  • Bob's Burgers

Despicable Me Minion Fart Blaster Gun

Just in the last week on eBay, over 14 of these items have been sold!

With this Minions Fart Blaster you can make silly fart noises that will confuse and gross-out your enemies.

Sneak up and surprise your family with this supersize Fart 'N Fire. It's the ultimate, loud Minion mischief tool.

Disney Parks Popcorn Buckets

A few of the main reasons these Disney popcorn buckets are so popular is they are different at all four Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks, they are refillable as many times as you want for a small fee, and they make for a great souvenir!

Popular Ones Selling on eBay

  • Mickey's & Friends Christmas Holiday Tin

  • Mr Toad Wild Ride

  • Mickey & Minnie Christmas Tree

  • Toy Story Light Up Bucket

  • Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup Bucket

  • Star Wars....Anything

A cute way to decorate and organize a kids room!

As an adult, which one of these would you love to receive this Christmas?

Don't forget, we are in the process of listing our inventory online, so please keep checking out our shop home page to see which products we add daily.

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