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The Future of No Dowdy Mall...

Howdy from No Dowdy!

Can you believe it's been over a month already since we were last open!

Never fear, we have been busy curating more amazing products so we can have a blast at the next place we popup! We've also been working around the clock to put items on our website so you can still shop from home!

If you live within 10 miles of my home and order over $25 - I'll hand deliver the items!

Otherwise, I'll meet you at Sunrise Mall Friday Mornings at 11am to give you the items you order!

And, of course, for those loyal repeat customers....we are happy to offer a 10% discount!

Want to know the code for the discount...well, you have to figure it out using this clue!

For those of us old enough to remember having a pager, we used numbers to communicate words. Such as: 187 (murder) or 07734 (held upside down spelled hello)

So....the coupon discount code is the number we used on our pagers to communicate, "I Love You"

  • Valid until 12/31/2022 - one use per customer.

  • 10% Off everything you order.

In the Meantime....Here is what I am thinking, what do you think?

What if I close a street down in my neighborhood one weekend and all my vendors popup with me...would you come?

  • Dec 17th weekend

  • Cross Streets: Van Maren & Auburn (Citrus Heights)

  • If it rains, we won't popup

Are You Free to Shop Dec. 17th Weekend?

  • YES!

  • :(

I would love to hear your thoughts!

See you soon hopefully!

- Marsha Rogers

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