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Uncovering the Hidden Histories: The Story Behind the Resold Items We Treasure

From vintage clothing to antique furniture, the items we choose to resell often carry a rich history and unique story. Each piece has its own journey, from its creation to its previous owners, and finally to us. So, let's take a step back in time and discover the hidden histories behind the treasures we resell.

Brearley Collection Photos

The Brearley Collection originated in Boston and as a result, features an abundant collection of vintage and contemporary photographs of the city's beloved sports teams and athletes.

So how did these photo's find their way to No Dowdy Mall? Meet our vendor - Lili!

Lili was married to wonderful man named Francisco that had a career in the political world. Because of this profession, he traveled and received many rare gifts. Francisco kept all these items in a few storage sheds and Lili never once even saw what was in these sheds for 22 years!

Francisco has unfortunately passed away and Lili is now going through these storage units for the first time and finding some amazing items.

Thank you Lili for sharing these amazing finds with our online marketplace.

Paintings from Iraq

While I was in the Army, I deployed to Iraq from 2004 - 2005 and during that time I was able to purchase some paintings from local artists. I have kept these and adored them, but the time has come to let them go and let someone else love them.

While at war, I was given the opportunity to go on vacation for the weekend to Qatar which I jumped at this opportunity. While I was there, we were able to go to the 5 story mall and shop. This is where I saw a gentleman painting these amazing pieces. I love the coloring and technique - what talent!

Hill Artisan Pottery

I was thrifting one day in the northern California area when I came across these beautiful mugs that were handcrafted and signed by the artist - Hill. I listed them on eBay and within moments I had two people sending offers for these mugs. One of them sent me an email and told me the story behind the mugs.

Her mother-in-law recently passed away and she was the artist that made these mugs. Her family didn't have any of her pottery and had alerts setup on eBay for the word Hill in the title in hopes in finding some of her old pottery.

I accepted their offer on eBay and since they lived about an hour from my house, I chose to drive these mugs instead of ship them to ensure they didn't break. It was such an honor to learn about this family and get to meet them in person. Returning heirlooms is definitely one of my favorite aspects of thrifting for a living.

What stories do you have about items you have found while thrifting?

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