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Unlock Your Motivation: 5 Powerful Tips to Stay Inspired to Resell

For the past 45 days, I've been struggling with a lack of motivation to list items on eBay, despite paying over $20 a month for a store with them. It's been frustrating to feel like I'm wasting money, but I just can't seem to find the drive to care. If you're in the same boat, here are the tips that helped me reignite my motivation and keep pushing forward.

Connect with Other Local Resellers

I love connecting with fellow resellers who understand the challenges of this business, and we often trade inventory. When I feel burnt out from trying to sell a particular item, I'll give it to a local reseller in exchange for something they're looking to move on from. It's a great way to mix things up and reignite my motivation. I tend to get bored of selling the same items day after day, but having a fresh variety of inventory to work with makes the task more enjoyable.

Set Weekly Goals

Rather than setting daily goals, I find it more effective to set weekly goals. There are days when I just don't feel like doing anything, and that's okay. By giving myself a week to complete a task, I don't feel guilty if I lack motivation on a particular day, even if it means skipping my shower!

Try Something New

To break up the monotony of my routine tasks, I enjoy taking little breaks to try new things. I consider these moments my personal moments of solitude. It could be something as simple as exploring a new social media platform or taking a moment to color a mandala page. Other times, I'll listen to audiobooks or binge-watch a YouTube channel. I find that these mini-breaks of fun make it easier for me to return to my regular tasks feeling recharged and motivated.

Give Yourself a Challenge

When I first started out on TikTok, I challenged myself to make one video per day for 30 days straight. It was a daunting task, but it was also incredibly rewarding. Despite being an introvert, I recognized that putting myself out there was crucial for my business's success. Thanks to this challenge, I have since grown my following to 11,000 and counting. Pushing myself to try something new and holding myself accountable has been a game-changer for me.

Positive Self Talk

I often find myself telling my friends, "You deserve a break, you work hard," but I struggle to extend the same kindness to myself. That's why I've started talking to myself as if I were my own best friend, reminding myself that it's okay to take a break and that I've earned it through my hard work. I've realized that being my own worst enemy requires too much energy, and it's much easier to be kind to myself.

Connect with others in your industry, set weekly goals, try new things, give yourself a challenge, and practice positive self-talk. By taking these steps, you can push through the tough times and find the motivation you need to succeed. Remember to be kind to yourself and take breaks when you need them, because you deserve it!

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