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Pickup Location: 6540 Cowboy Way Citrus Heights CA 95621
(916) 508 - 0598

Introducing a vintage treasure for your kitchen: the Dynaware Plastic Stacking Canister Set. Embrace nostalgia with this charming set, featuring durable plastic canisters in a retro design reminiscent of mid-century kitchens. Each piece boasts stackable functionality, maximizing storage space while exuding timeless appeal. Ideal for organizing dry goods like flour, sugar, or coffee, these canisters keep your pantry neat and stylish. With their sturdy construction and vintage flair, they're not just practical but also decorative, adding a touch of vintage charm to any countertop.

Vintage Dynaware Piece Plastic Stacking Canister Set

PriceFrom $6.00

6540 Cowboy Way

Citrus Heights, CA 95621

(916) 508 - 0598

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